You Are A Small Business, Why Blog About It?

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You may be totally against the idea of exposing yourself or your world to the bigger world out there at large and might question anyone’s reasoning behind blogging about their business. Do you consider it idle talk? What if it was doing more? What if it was quietly moving mountains in one’s favor? Would it not affect your business positively? On the how’s of setting up your own blog, if this has convinced you, view our tutorial on the very same topic. If you want to visit a blog world and see what it appears like, visit a few blog sites. One’s right here for you – Check it out.

Now what blogging can do for you? You are all of the above, isolated but planning on growing, working out strategies for growth. Blogging will be one of your biggest tools. It brings the world to your doorstep, figuratively speaking.

A person who has a business similar to yours in another part of the world, maybe the United States or Sweden or Poland chances upon your blog when they search for keywords that are in your blog content. Suddenly they realize that networking with you hugely benefit the both of you. What you hitherto thought was unimaginable can happen. Even locally, most people today reference websites and blogs before they go directly to purchase a product. A blog and regular updates on it, speaks volumes. It creates a brand and respectability around you and your business.

To get to the technicalities – there is nearly a 150% lead growth reported with blogs. Over 50% of companies with blogs have generated leads from them. Leads are generated by strategically planning keywords so that your company shows up in search results. Companies with blogs can redirect targeted audiences to them, thereby increasing visibility.

In terms of marketing – almost 50% of all US companies use blogging as a primary marketing tool for their companies. When you blog you direct establish connection with people interested in your product. It is a powerful inbound marketing tool, coming free of cost or at the most involves very low costs in comparison to real-time marketing in terms of advertisements, billboards, campaigns etc.

A blog maintained builds value and trust with time. Your audience knows you are authentic and here to stay. They know that when they buy a product, they can rely on you. They know your level of expertise, your approach, a bit about your personality and values that you stand for. They basically are aware and feel secure that their money is going into good hands. In a world so full of cheap deals and con, they are not afraid to trust you because you’ve weathered all storms and take time to communicate all about your business. They know that they don’t have to bat an eye-lid even if they were considering long term associations.

After consistently being on the blogging circuit and being in the virtual limelight for a while, you might even bag some valuable partnerships and expand into something larger. There is never an end to growth opportunities with blogging. It only serves you positively at no extra expense really.

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