Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer


Carbon monoxide is quite toxic in nature and is present almost everywhere these days. It is quite difficult to treat a high level carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a silent killer because it has no smell, colour or taste. Hence, try to take some action in the very beginning if you observe any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is extremely important to avoid the areas having a high concentration of carbon monoxide. There are many harmful sources that lead to incomplete combustion and hence liberate carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.

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Carbon monoxide can lead to permanent damage in the long run. Avoid going in to the high carbon monoxide exposure zones. Even if you are in the mild exposure zone, try to avoid it as much as possible. According to a study, carbon monoxide poisoning is an active cause behind deaths due to poisoning. Several people die every year due to carbon monoxide because they remain unaware of the agent behind their health problems. Most of the symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning are so mild that, many people overlook it and assume it to be the signs of some other minor illness. If you observe any unusual symptoms in your body, do not avoid a doctor. Consult them and take necessary health measures.

Tell them where you work. If the area has a high carbon monoxide level, there will be a need to check your body for contamination. Carbon Monoxide can be easily inhaled. Once you inhale it, it enters in to your blood stream, thus inhibiting its property to carry oxygen. If you find out that the carbon monoxide level is too high, immediately take everybody for check-ups.

There are different types of carbon monoxide detectors. These are:
Biometric sensors that change colour as soon as it absorbs carbon monoxide. The change in colour is accompanied by an alarm.
Metal oxide detector that contain Silica chips. On coming into contact with carbon monoxide, this system lowers the electrical resistance and triggers an alarm.
Electrochemical sensors have electrodes immersed in a chemical solution. These can sense the change in current when carbon monoxide comes in contact. This triggers the alarm.

You can choose to install any of these wonderful devices designed to keep you and family safe.
If the detector goes off, take everybody out from the house. Let everybody stay in the fresh air for some time. Call any medical helpline number of your nearby area. Open all the doors and windows of your house. The first step must always be to check all the fuel burning appliances in your home. It can be the fireplace or any other thing in the house. Incomplete fuel burning is the prominent cause behind the liberation of carbon monoxide in to the atmosphere.

Take significant precaution hereon to save yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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